Whether you already own timing hardware or purchasing hardware for the first time, Lapio software takes the difficulty out of timing by providing automated timing hardware synchronization. Simply connect Lapio software to your timing hardware. You'll be up and running in minutes, providing accurate, LIVE results. Lapio is compatible (*) with these hardware systems.

Compatible Hardware


* The above trademarked logos and company names are not suggestive of a partnership with Lapio or endorsement of Lapio software.


System 5000 US

Decoder + 4.8 meter (16 ft) Antenna

Providing precision timing at an affordable cost, the race result System 5000 is the perfect timing system for every event. This system works with all race result passive transponders including disposable or reusable; on the shoe, on the bib, on the MTB plate or on the ankle.


RFID Ultra 4 Package
Ultra 4 and 4 mats

The ULTRA 4 when used to time smaller events has the option to use either the ULTRAMAT or the side antenna system, or even a combination of both. You also get the benefits of using disposable tags at highly competitive rates or you can use our re-usable ULTRATAG, which is suitable for multi-sport events.


RFID Ultra 8 Package
Ultra 8 and 8 mats

The ULTRA 8 is an Ultra High Frequency RFID system using the latest Generation 2 UHF protocols, high sensitivity readers and a range of specially designed antennas. Add to that the ULTRA is the only UHF timing system on the market that can read any Gen 2 tags.

HuTag XC-1 Gen 2 UHF RFID tag

HuTag XC-1 reusable UHF tag for use on skin & perfect for multisport timing

HuTag XC is a comfortable ergonomically designed RFID Tag specifically for use on skin. It combines a broad/long read range with robust, water tight and comfortable case. This allows it to be worn directly against the skin for extended periods of time and consistently perform regardless of conditions.