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Introducing: Lapio Help Center

We are happy to introduce the new Lapio Help Center!

Customers can now easily learn more about Lapio software and find answers to all the most frequently asked questions. The help center covers both basic and advanced topics and it is searchable by keywords.

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Just submit a request through the help center and our Lapio support team will give you the support you need.

The help center will be updated frequently so make sure to check back and continue to learn how to use all the great features Lapio has to offer!

Lapio Help Center: lapio.zendesk.com

Snipit Lapio

Feature Spotlight: Timing Hardware Flexibility

At Lapio we want race organizers to have control over their races. When it comes to race timing hardware, there are plenty of choices. Not all races are the same and neither is timing hardware. We understand that choosing the right hardware for your races is important.

When we developed our software, it was important to us that race organizers were not tied down to a specific hardware platform. Our software provides efficient, accurate timing and is compatible with multiple hardware platforms.  With Lapio software you can post instant LIVE results online and via SMS text, email and Facebook. Our goal is to give race organizers innovative technology with the flexibility to choose the hardware that works best for your business.


If you already own hardware, simply connect Lapio software to your timing hardware and begin providing results in minutes. To get started, check out our blog post Lapio Connect – LIVE Timing Instructions to see how streaming LIVE results is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Displaying Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 11.34.25 AM.png

Lapio continues to add to our list of compatible software. To view our most updated list visit: www.lapio.com/hardware.


If you are purchasing hardware for the first time, Lapio will work with you to find the best hardware for your timing needs. Our team is made up of experienced race directors and timers who will support you from hardware purchase to timing your first races. Feel confident knowing that Lapio is here to help.

Whether you already own timing hardware or purchasing hardware for the first time, Lapio takes the difficulty out of timing. By combining hardware flexibility with Lapio’s easy-to-use software; race timing has never been easier.

To learn more about Lapio software visit: www.lapio.com

Lapio Attending Running USA Industry Conference

Countdown to the Running USA Industry Conference. In just 5 days, race organizers from all over the US will come together in San Diego for the Running USA Conference. Attendees will be participating in morning runs, attending expert panel discussions, networking, and talking about what’s new in the world of racing.

Lapio is proud to be attending and sharing technology that is changing how race organizers manage and time their races.

Lapio is an all-in-one race management and timing software providing online registration, payment, LIVE timing, social media integration, photo sharing and more! Innovation is at the heart of our solution with every feature backed by powerful, easy to use technology for races organizers.


Instead of race organizers having to use a different vendor for each of their race needs, Lapio has combined all the features you want in one, easy to use, integrated solution.

Lapio’s cloud-based software gives you all the innovative features you want, data accuracy you need, with access from anywhere. Your lapio account gives you a complete overview of your race management tools, registration information, and timing data so that you stay in control of your races.

We’ve made race timing easy. With our patent pending automated hardware timing synchronization, anyone can time a race. Race organizers can now easily provide accurate, live results while saving big by handling in-house.

Lapio software is compatible with multiple hardware platforms. If you already own hardware, simply connect Lapio software to your timing hardware and begin providing results in minutes. If you are purchasing hardware for the first time, Lapio will work with you to find the best solution for your timing needs.

Lapio software gives race organizers control over your race revenue. With our merchant account integration, registration payments are deposited directly into your bank account. Giving you access to your money, when you need it.

At Lapio our mission is simple: we want all races, from large to small, to enjoy the benefits of efficient, accurate timing combined with innovative features; all at an affordable cost.

Technology is rapidly changing the endurance racing industry and we’re excited to attend the Running USA Conference to be a part of the energy; a part of the solution.

Hope to see you there!

For more information about Lapio visit: www.lapio.com

Feature Spotlight: Merchant Account Integration

Picture this…you are organizing a race and registration is handled online. You create your customized registration page, add the event information, your registration page goes live and you start accepting registration payments. You then have to wait until your money (collected by your registration company) is deposited into your bank account 2 weeks – 1 month later. This deposit schedule continues until your race is over. Sound familiar?

Lapio software gives you back control over your race revenue. With our merchant account integration, registration payments are deposited directly into your bank account. Giving you access to your money, when you need it.

How do we do this? Lapio has teamed up with Stripe to ensure secure, fast and reliable transactions.

Let’s walk through this step-by-step.



To setup your account visit: www.stripe.com

Once you’ve created an account, Stripe will provide you with a set of API Keys.


Remember, Stripe is safe and secure. Lapio will never see your bank account information and we like it that way.


Lapio will integrate your Stripe API Keys into your Lapio account. Once this integration is complete, you will see your Merchant Account information when you login.

And Viola! Within minutes you’ll be able to start accepting registration payments directly into your bank account.

At Lapio we want to give you control over your races, your revenue and your business.

For more information about Lapio visit: www.lapio.com.

Lapio Offers Race Organizers Ability to Accept Bitcoin as Payment

Palo Alto, California, January 27, 2014 – Lapio Inc. an all-in-one race management and timing solution allowing race organizers to easily manage and time their events, today announces it will now offer race organizers the ability to accept registration payment for endurance races in Bitcoin currency through Coinbase.

Innovation is at the forefront of Lapio software. Their differentiation lies in the ability to create innovative software that breaks down real and perceived barriers for race organizers. This drive to understand technology and how it affects endurance racing is rocking the industry which has seen little change for the last 10 years.

In a recent article titled “Why Bitcoin Matters” author, Marc Andreessen sheds light on the current state of the Bitcoin and shares why he believes this Internetwide payment system is here to stay. For endurance racing, some more relevant  points he addresses are lower payment processing fees, elimination of credit card fraud, increased payment security and the ability to bring a much larger number of people around the world into the modern economic system.

Co-founder Klaus Preisler says, “As a cloud based company, we must help our customers break down regional barriers. As the internet reaches more and more people and the interest in endurance racing continues to grow we must continue to adapt to support our customers. We have seen potential customers struggling with regionally based issues, which makes it hard for them to embrace new technology. One of these barriers is payment processing”.

Each region has their own barriers. When it comes to payment, the US racing market deals mainly with manageable, yet frustrating, issues of 2-3% processing fees and credit card fraud. While the more emerging markets are dealing with the inability to securely process transactions, leading to very underdeveloped race management systems.

Looking to the future, the introduction of Bitcoin as a payment option will hopefully shatter these barriers and increase the flexibility for race organizers. Lapio also understands the benefit of this technology as well.  Klaus adds, “The fact is that endurance racing is growing worldwide and our pricing model is based on individual participants. This means that our profit is 100% based on revenue created by our customers. By offering increased flexibility, organizers in developed and less developed markets, can strengthen their business by using our product.”

Lapio continues to evolve in an effort to bring race organizers all the features they want in one, easy to use, integrated solution.

About Lapio
Lapio is the go to software solution for race organizers who want to easily manage and time their own races. Our software provides online registration, payment, LIVE timing, social media integration, photo sharing and more! All the features you want in one, easy to use, integrated solution. We are passionate about endurance racing and passionate about technology with innovation at the heart of our solutions.

Andreessen, Marc (January 21, 2014). “Why Bitcoin Matters”. The New York Times.

New Years “Timing in 2014″ Resolution Promo

Timing your own races has never been easier.

Lapio software takes the difficulty out of timing by providing automated timing hardware synchronization. Now anyone can time a race, providing accurate, LIVE results.

And to help you get started timing your own races, Lapio has teamed up with Ipico Hardware to offer two special timing bundles.

Ipico Elite Reader and Lapio Software Bundle:
Purchase one Ipico Elite Reader and get $500 towards your first race using Lapio’s online registration.

Ipico Lite Reader and Lapio Software Bundle:
Purchase one Ipico Lite Reader and get $250 towards your first race using Lapio’s online registration.

From now until January 31, 2013 you can take advantage of these timing bundles.

For more information on how you can benefit from timing your own races, call us at 650-466-7750 or email hey@lap.io.

Lapio Spotlight:

13 Year-Old Times Race with Lapio LIVE Timing Results

Software: Lapio
Hardware: Ipico Readers
Event: MTB Kolding Club Race

Tobias Rasmussen is a 13 year-old boy whose father, Morten Rasmussen, is involved in race timing. Tobias has timed alongside his dad for years but had never timed a race all on his own. Recently, Morten was busy timing another event, and he needed someone to time the MTB Kolding Club race. Tobias was confident he could handle timing the club event without his father’s help, and he was right. Using Lapio’s easy-to-use timing software and Ipico Readers, Tobias successfully timed the race and streamed live, accurate results to participants. We interviewed Tobias about MTB racing and timing using Lapio software. Below is what he had to say.

How old are you?
13 years old.

How did you get into MTB racing?
Well my dad started racing and I just tried it out on my old school bike together with him until I found out it was something I wanted to do.

What is your favorite thing about racing?
Being able to ride a difficult track or trying something new.

Your dad has been timing races for a while. Have you helped him time other races?
I have been to almost all the races my dad has timed and helped him a lot.

Tobias Rasmussen using Lapio Software

What made you want to time this race on your own?
My dad was out timing another race and they needed someone to time it. I was the only one who knew the hardware and software so it seemed natural it should be me.

How many people participated?
There were 43 participants.

What was the distance? Were there split times?
The route was about 2km long, and of course there were split times!

Was it easy to time the races using Ipico hardware and Lapio software?
I am very used to both the hardware and software and I had a short walkthrough. All you have to do is connect the hardware to Lapio software and start timing. It’s easy. Anyone can time a race.

What is your favorite part of timing races?
It’s always fun to come out and meet new people and try new tracks. Also seeing old friends and just having fun.

Do you plan to time another race soon?
I plan to time a lot of cross races here over the winter and most likely the Sram-Liga next year.

MTB Kolding Club Race – Timed with Lapio software and Ipico hardware

We asked Morten how he feels about Tobias timing races and he said “It has always been great having Tobias with me when I have been timing races, it’s a great father & son “time” together. It’s cool that he’s able to do timing himself without me being there. This will give him great experiences in the future within racing”

It’s clear that these two are having a lot of fun timing together. And whether you are an experienced timer like Morten or timing your first races like Tobias, Lapio software makes timing easy.

To learn more about Lapio software and our compatible hardware visit www.lapio.com

Lapio Connect – LIVE Timing Instructions

Lapio Connect is LIVE timing software developed by Lapio. Simply connect Lapio software to the timing hardware you currently use to provide accurate, LIVE results.

Streaming LIVE results is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Select the race you want to time
2) Click “Find Readers”
3) Sit back and watch as the data starts coming in

Below are screen-shots to show just how easy timing can be with Lapio software.

Login to Lapio Connect
To download Lapio Connect visit: www.lapio.com/downloads
(You will need to login using your Lap.io account login information, sign up for FREE, here)

1) Select the event you want to time and click “Time It”

2) Click “Find Readers” – The status bar will let you know when task is complete.

3) Click “Start Race” – Watch as LIVE data starts streaming in

Results can immediately be seen on Lapio’s LIVE results page

To get started,  download Lapio Connect at www.lapio.com/downloads.

Fore more information about Lapio software visit www.lapio.com/software.