Lapio is an all-in-one race management and timing software providing online registration, payment, live timing, social media integration, photo sharing and more!

To provide race directors, race timers and athletic clubs the ability to easily manage and time their events. ”At Lapio, we want all races, from large to small, to enjoy the benefits of efficient, accurate timing combined with innovative features; all at an affordable cost.”

Innovation is at the heart of our solutions. Using cloud technology and our patent pending automated hardware timing synchronization, endurance events and timing results are reaching more people – with more speed and accuracy- than ever before.

We hire the most passionate people out there. Passionate about endurance racing and passionate about technology.

KLAUS PREISLER                 ANDERS RØRBÆK               KAREN LEWIS

KLAUS PREISLER                          ANDERS RØRBÆK                          KAREN LEWIS
Founder                                             Founder                                              Director of Biz Dev
Favorite Race:                                 Favorite Race:                                   Favorite Race:
Embrunman Triathalon               Nice Ironman Triathlon                 Nautica NYC Triathlon

  NIKOLAJ GRØNBEK                                JOIN OUR TEAM

 NIKOLAJ GRØNBEK                                   JOIN OUR TEAM!
Customer Happiness                  
Favorite Race:


For more information visit www.lapio.com

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